Download Magicard Rio Pro Firmware for Windows

Download Magicard Rio Pro Firmware for Windows

Free Download Magicard Rio Pro Firmware for Windows

OS: Windows 2000, 2003 Server, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Server 2012, 8/8.1, Windows 10

Download Now latest version firmware v2.34 for Magicard Rio Pro, Rio Pro Secure and Rio Pro Xtended printers

Download: riopro_firmware_v2.34.cfu

Magicard Rio Pro Firmware for Windows and Review

The Rio Pro card printer is actually the newest generation of Magicard's Rio/Tango series.High speed, high-security Rio Pro Printer from Magicard, The style is actually a little bit of a detour off the curvilinear exterior from the Enduro or Pronto, but I like its own ease.

Magicard Rio Pro Firmware for Windows - Examining under the bonnet, I was actually surprised to find that it shares the printing motor from the extremely versatile Magicard Enduro. Dued to the fact that the Enduro motor has been actually a really good system over times, I didn't count on any type of shocks or just about anything unusual below.

Outlet the Magicard Rio Pro laser printer currently at IDCardGroup.comHowever, the very first thing I observed when I put the Magicard Rio Pro through its speeds was that this published a bit faint. Granted, for the majority of applications this probably would not be actually an issue. Yet when I possess several other companies to pick from for a given printing project, the important point I am actually trying to find is color - color top quality, vibrancy and strike.

Puzzled, I offered Magicard technology support a phone call as well as they repaired me ideal up with a little bit of printhead energy change. Magicard's technology assistance team is actually regularly practical and also everybody is actually quite experienced. The assistance folks ensured me that considering that this ink-jet printer is developed for quantity, they are actually intentionally always keeping the printhead off acquiring too hot. Again, for many uses, this is actually not going to be a concern. And also for those of you that prefer shade to trump intensity, the printhead electrical power change is actually a simple and easy remedy. After the printhead change, the ink-jet printer had excellent clarity and color pop. So overall, this is actually a non-issue for me.

Right now on the Magicard Rio Pro's a lot of positive features. Magicard's HoloKote watermark modern technology delivers built in anti counterfeiting graphic protection - at no additional cost each memory card

HoloKote Visual Surveillance & Secure Encoding Options
Magicard has the market put out with its own trademarked HoloKote watermarking modern technology.

Supplying built-in, anti-counterfeiting graphic protection, HoloKote enables you to watermark I.D. memory cards and symbols at no additional cost during the course of the usual print pattern. That's a terrific attribute and also that's definitely specified Magicard besides the rest of the field.

All Magicard direct-to-card laser printers give basic HoloKote safety and security-- you select from 4 anti-forgery watermark designs and also the chosen watermark is imprinted around the whole entire card area. When the memory card is slanted, the HoloKote watermark supplies graphic authentication.

The Rio Pro memory card laser printer further innovations I.D. memory card protection by permitting accurate positioning from a tailored logo design or surveillance style watermark with its own Custom-made HoloKote Flex option. A totally custom watermark placed where you prefer it-- a special component to avoid counterfeiting. There are 4 regular HoloKote in addition to HoloKote Flex image consisted of with the Rio Pro color printer.

The Magicard Rio Pro comes with the usual inscribing configuration options like magnetic stripe, contactless, and also smart card encrypting to fulfill all your safe and secure inscribing needs.

Magicard Rio Pro ID Card Laser printer - offered along with I.D. Card Team Beginner Kits or standalone

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